What is your organization’s mission?

To fight food insecurity locally by utilizing our natural resources and creating a positive footprint in our community. Provide hands on education about nutrition. Connecting others to make a more accessible community for all.

Where does the money go when I donate to your organization?

You can choose what project you would like to help fund. We have multiple projects going on yearly that are shown on our website! For example, if you donate to our Grace Street Garden project, it helps fund property management, expansion, seeds, plants, tools, garden projects and more!

How can I get involved in the organization’s mission?

Contact us! We are always looking for compassionate, like minded individuals that want to positively grow our community and facilitate change.

What is your tax ID number?


What are your current goals as an organization?

To expand our Grace Street Garden and to grow gardens around food dessert areas in Kern County.

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