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Party In The Garden


Nourish and Flourish: Celebrating 12 Years of Community Growth.

Join us for our annual Party in the Garden October 19th, 2024 at The Collective Venue in Downtown Bakersfield.

In the spirit of our theme this year, “Nourish and Flourish,” we warmly invite you to partake in a celebration that embodies the growth and vitality of our community. For 12 enriching years, nestled within the historic Old Town Kern block of East Bakersfield, our grassroots, volunteer-powered initiative has been a cornerstone in the fight against hunger, providing education, monthly food distributions, and a nurturing space within our community garden.

Every seed sown in our garden represents a step towards a future where no one faces the pangs of hunger. Our mission extends beyond nourishing bodies—it’s about flourishing spirits, fostering community bonds, and cultivating a sustainable environment where everyone thrives together.

This year’s festivities set in the vibrant heart of Downtown Bakersfield at The Collective Venue, our annual garden party is more than an event; it’s a gathering of hearts united by a common cause. With the backdrop of soul-stirring melodies from a live band and dishes crafted from locally sourced produce. We celebrate the bountiful harvests of our collective efforts and the promising seeds of future initiatives.

In partnership and purpose, we have aligned efforts with Bakersfield Recovery Services and in collaboration with CAPK Food Bank, our efforts are a testament to what can be achieved when communities unite. Through these partnerships, we are not just fighting hunger; we are nurturing personal wellness, enhancing recovery journeys with the healing power of nature. We strive to redefine the narrative around nutrition and health.

As we look forward, the support garnered from this event will fuel our journey forward, enabling us to reach more families and empower them with the tools for sustainability. As we gather to celebrate, let us also renew our commitment to a world where everyone has the opportunity to nourish and flourish in their own personal way.

Please join us as your participation symbolizes a shared belief in our mission and a collective hope for a brighter, hunger-free future. Together, we can continue to make meaningful impacts, transforming lives one meal, one garden, and one community at a time.


Date: October 19, 2024
Duration: 1 Day